Speedway Games is a leading UGC game developer creating games on the Roblox platform. We have more than 26,000,000 monthly active users and 2,179,485,039 game sessions across our games.

We are a team of more than 46 globally distributed & remote full-time members, which include experienced professionals from the game industry and Roblox creator ecosystem.

Our goal is to create games from scratch that attract and retain users organically and deliver real value.

Our creative approach scales to multiple games which we've built and nurtured from scratch, including:

  • Vehicle Legends: The quickest Roblox driving game to reach the #1 spot, which features officially licensed cars/properly handled automotive I.Ps
  • Seaside RP: One of the top contemporary RP games on Roblox, which sells advertising space to brands with many exciting partnerships coming soon
  • Mansion Tycoon: A hit tycoon game which has garnered 300 million game sessions in only 1 year and reached 20,000 concurrent users within weeks of launch.