Devel Sixteen Hypercar launches in Vehicle Legends

May 25, 2024


We are excited to introduce another addition to the Vehicle Legends dealership – the Devel Sixteen! This hypercar sets new standards for speed, power, and design, bringing a unique driving experience to the streets of Vehicle Legends.

With a design influenced by cutting-edge jet fighters, the Devel Sixteen not only performs exceptionally but also looks like it’s ready to take off. Equipped with a V16 engine and a 12.3 Litre 81 mm Quad Turbo, the Devel Sixteen boasts an astonishing 5007 horsepower, making it one of the most powerful vehicles ever introduced in Vehicle Legends… capable of reaching estimated top speeds of 500 KM/hour.

Visit the dealership in Vehicle Legends to check out the Devel Sixteen. Take it for a test drive, experience its raw power and speed, and make it yours today!

Get behind the wheel of the Devel Sixteen now and dominate the streets of Vehicle Legends!