Spania GTA Spano Roars into Vehicle Legends on Roblox

May 3, 2024


Vehicle Legends, the ultimate destination for automotive enthusiasts on the Roblox platform, is thrilled to announce the arrival of the Spania GTA Spano.

A symbol of Spanish automotive prowess, the GTA Spano showcases a V10 Twinturbo 7.9-liter engine, boasting impressive acceleration from zero to sixty in under 2.9 seconds.

The Spano is as rare as it is impressive, with only 99 GTA Spano’s ever produced. Luckily for our players, the Spano is now within reach on the roads and tracks of Vehicle Legends. With its blend of power and sleek design, the Spano promises players an unforgettable driving experience.

Join the thrill and unleash the power of the Spania GTA Spano in Vehicle Legends on Roblox today!